Templates of The Clavien-Dindo Classification of Surgical Complications


It is important in prospective clinical trials that data are collected appropriately.


We have prepared templates of the Clavien-Dindo Classification for you to download..


They appear in Excel, Access and SPSS format. You can “copy paste” the field format directly to your primary database.


Please note that these templates are just examples and you can modify them according to your needs.


For patients with multiple complications, repeat the fields that appear in the attached templates.


For further details, feel free to contact us directly by phone, email or letter.

University Hospital Zurich

Prof. P.-A. Clavien, MD, PhD

Department of Surgery
CH-8091 Zurich, Switzerland
Tel.: +41 44 255 33 00



Excel Template
This is a Microsoft Excel file that has predifined fields to aid you with prospective data collection.

Access Template

For those that their primary database for data collection is in Access format. Simply "copy paste" the fieids in your Access file.




SPSS Template
With the majority of the statistical analysis being performed on SPSS, this is a useful template with predifined filelds.


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