How to Grade? - Grey Zone Cases

Over the past five years, we were confronted with a couple of clinical cases, in which the grading of complications turned out to be difficult. Such cases were prospectively collected at our center.



Example of "grey zone cases"




Download our complication form:

Scenario 10:
Our colleagues from gynecology called us to consult a patient in the operating room. They were involved in the relaparotomy of a 57-year-old woman, undergoing a Wertheim’s operation and found a severe peritonitis, with a perforation in the small intestine. We performed a segmental resection of the small intestine with end-toend anastomosis. Two days later, a relaparotomy was indicated again, due to the suspicion of an anastomotic leakage. We were called again and could resew a small leak at the anastomotic site. The patient eventually recovered fully. The patient remained in the gynecologic ward for the entire stay.


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