How to Grade? - Grey Zone Cases

Over the past five years, we were confronted with a couple of clinical cases, in which the grading of complications turned out to be difficult. Such cases were prospectively collected at our center.



Example of "grey zone cases"




Download our complication form:

Scenario 7:
A 60-year-old diabetic patient underwent a rectal resection for adenocarcinoma in another facility. The patient had a long-term corticosteroid therapy due to a rheumatic disease. The patient developed abdominal pain, fever and leukocytosis 6 days later. A relaparotomy was performed, revealing an anastomotic insufficiency. The small pelvis was drained, and a protective ileostomy was performed. The patient was subsequently referred to us because of hemodynamic instability, but the patient died 3 days later in our ICU due to a fulminant sepsis.


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