J. Cameron, USA

R. Chari, USA

  • K. Kang, Korea

C. Bassi, Italy
J. Barkun
, Canada

M. Makuuchi, Japan

M. Monden, Japan

R. Padbury, Australia

J. Pekolj, Argentina

E. de Santibañes, Argentina

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J.N. Vauthey, USA


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What is a surgical complication?
We define a complication as ‘‘any deviation from the ideal postoperative course that is not inherent in the procedure and does not comprise a failure to cure.’’ Read more...

Classifying surgical complications

The therapy used to correct a specific complication is the basis of the Clavien-Dindo classification in order to rank

a complication in an objective and reproducible manner.




Quality assurance in surgery
Surgical outcomes vary by provider and there remains considerable debate about which parameters should be

used to reflect surgical quality.


Original Article


June 2004
Classification of surgical complications -

A new proposal

Dindo D et al.

Ann Surg, 205-213




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